Rolled out of the sack at about noon today, and immediately downed too much coffee. Before completely spiraling out of control, however, the iTunes shuffle feature came to the rescue, and dropped some bizarre-o French Reggae on my head. Functioning like an aural falcon-hood, Serge Gainbourg’s much maligned 1979 release “Aux Armes Et Cætera" provided the backdrop for some real easy skankin’.

When the LP initially hit, some of the French population took umbrage with Serge’s treatment of their national anthem, La Marseillaise”, which is featured on the album. Doesn’t much effect me though. I’m reppin’ the Stars ‘n’ Bars baby. I just need to vibe-out sometimes.

Truth be told, I have some difficulty reconciling my suburban upbringing with my love for *ahem* Island music, or coming to terms with some of my “Ras-Trent" leanings. So when a pasty French troll starts spitting gibberish over the top of a genuine Kingston rhythm section, it does much to soften the blow.

… Recorded in Jamaica. The mighty Sly and Robbie featured here on Bass and Drums. I-Three crew feat. on backing vox.

LISTEN: Serge Gainsbourg - Brigade Des Stups (1979)

LISTEN: Serge Gainsbourg - La Marseillaise (1979)

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